Don’t just take our word for it, here are some testimonials from previous clients.



Ric is a very good trainer. His courses have been very enjoyable in terms of the content and the delivery. Loads of practical plus group participation. Great!

Carolyn Meosa – July 2012 – TheDX – Manager in Me


“I want to thank you again, Louise, for the difference that your coaching has made in my life. I am full of energy, optimism and confidence. It’s as if I had been ill for years and now I am very well. Brilliant!” Victoria, London 2011


Having been recommended to Ric for leadership mentoring I am very glad for the introduction. Ric has a creative approach utilising skills and experience gained from a very successful corporate career. Although he provides a range of training solutions he manages to turn these into bespoke coaching so that your development continues beyond the course and the skills learnt are implemented into your day to day business.

James McCreath March 12, 2012, coaching



“Louise has an enormous amount of positive energy. As soon as you meet her, you’ll feel like you’ve known her forever. Louise’s gathered knowledge and strong patience helps her to be one of the most attentive listeners I’ve ever met. Louise helped me to change my internal dialogue, encouraged me to include more things in my life that make me happy and taught me how to better deal with and brush off everyday stresses.” L Hayes, Hove 2013


“What I have learnt, with Louise, has increased my confidence and reduced my negative thoughts about myself within the job, giving me more self belief about what I can achieve.” Employee at Ten Group London