Be Loving To Yourself


Be Loving
Have you ever stopped to notice the things you say to yourself through out the day?

Experiment with observing your thoughts, the natural ones that appear out of no where. Maybe even make a note of them for a couple of days to then reflect on.

Often we can be pretty unkind to ourselves. We can put ourselves down, talk ourselves out of the things we really want to do and beat ourselves up. In fact we often wouldn’t even say those things out loud to others but for some reason it’s ok when it’s inside our heads.

If you catch yourself telling yourself you are not good enough, you’ll probably fail, you’re fat, your stupid or anything similar take note. Then say something kind and encouraging to yourself.

For a day only say loving, kind and encouraging words to yourself and see how your feel good levels shift.

Be loving to yourself. How can you expect others to treat you well if you are not even doing it to yourself?

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