Happy Behaviours


india dance
Consider a time when you felt really happy, maybe it’s now.

How are/were you behaving in this happy state? What is your physical state like? What are you doing? Saying, to yourself and others?

We all have things we do when we are happy. So a way to access that happy state when you are feeling less than that is to act it out. It’s pretty hard to stay feeling down when you are dancing around the room to your favourite song.


A few examples of happy behaviours might be:

Smile, a genuine smile

Laugh, a belly laugh

Congratulate yourself

Count your blessings

Dance to your favourite song

Treat yourself to something

Hug someone

Tell a joke

Jump up and down

You may even like to create a reminder to smile more regularly, maybe a funny photo that pops up as a reminder on your phone/ your computer? A message stuck to the wall?


Be Happy!

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