Happiness at Work

Employee Engagement is significantly higher in organisations that are enjoying double digit growth. “The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies” shared the view that a more engaged workforce is a more successful workplace. Employees bring more of themselves to work and go the extra mile when they are happy and engaged with job and organisation they do. The negative impact of poor performance is removed and organisation grow.


The best way to develop engagement across an organisation is to understand what it is that makes the organisation happy. More importantly allow those employees to explore what makes them happy and introduce it into their working lives.


The Happiness Effect will:


  • Will empower your employees to take control of how they are feeling
  • Candidates will learn the impact of their thoughts and behaviour on others, and how to be in control of that
  • Help candidates understand their energy and the factors that erode energy and confidence
  • They will learn simple techniques to switch their mood into feeling more positive
  • Candidates will learn what is important to them, their values, and how to experience them


The Approach
The two day workshop is a blend of techniques from Behavioural Modelling, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transactional Analysis, Dowsing, Reiki and Emotional Intelligence.


After The Event
The two day open programme includes pre and post seminar measurements of happiness. After the event it doesn’t stop there, we encourage everyone to continue the journey by keeping a journal that will have been started at the event.


Think The Happiness Effect is right for your organisation? Louise and Ric want to talk to you about in house programmes to increase happiness at work.


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