Drop Judgement


photo (71)How often do you catch yourself judging yourself, or others?

Perhaps you are not even aware you are doing it sometimes. It’s habit of the mind, that can be so destructive.

Over the bank holiday weekend I enjoyed a conscious festival, conscious meaning one that does not allow any drunk or drugs. There is still live music, lots of dancing plus many healing, meditation and yoga workshops. They are beautiful events leaving you feeling nourished, at peace and filled with love, rather than exhausted and depleted! (Notice any judgements that pop into your head whilst reading this, I know it probably sounds very hippy to some :-))

On Saturday I took part in a healing sound bath. If you have not ever experienced a sound bath I highly recommend it. You basically lie on the floor whilst various instruments, like big gongs and crystal bowls, are played all around you. The sounds completely over take you and send you into a deep state of relaxation. Every instrument resonates with a different part of your body and the vibrations heal it. By the end of it you feel completely relaxed and blissful. They run them at Unity Studios in Brighton if you ever want to try!

The lady running the sound bath shared with us the story of a near death experience she had when she was about 21, which had subsequently lead to to start healing work. She had been trapped in a fire and for a few moments could not breathe. She entered into a tunnel and into the light, the light filled her with a sense of unconditional love. She found herself judging her life, what she had and hadn’t done. Then she realised it was her that was judging herself, no one else, the light was just unconditional love. She had the sense that we are all part of this unconditional love, it’s who we are and there need not be any judgement.

We all judge ourselves and others by what we believe is to be the “right” way of doing things. Where has this “right” way come from? Our past, our childhood, our parents, our culture and so on. We have all had completely different life experiences though so no ones way is “right” or “wrong”, we are simply doing the best we can with what we have got.

Instead of judging focus on being loving to yourself and compassionate to others. Often the very thing we judge in others we have done ourselves at some stage and are not proud of it. This is an opportunity to accept this in ourselves too. No one is perfect.

So just for today drop the judgements and look through eyes of compassion. Just notice what shift this creates.

Love yourself enough to do what makes you happy.

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