Monthly Archives: May 2014

Give yourself a break

  As you sit here reading this just stop for a moment to notice how you are feeling. Notice if there is any tension in your body. Notice any emotions your are feeling. Notice your breath. How deep are in the inhales and how long are the exhales? How fast, […]

Impossible, is it really?

  When people say “impossible”, it’s just another way of them saying “I can’t imagine any way this could happen” Thinking in impossibles stops the flow of our happiness and stops us from achieving. Because someone cannot see a way though does that mean it is truly impossible? Has any […]

Do you prioritise your happiness?

  Do you postpone your happiness because you believe you have other things you must do first? Do you believe there has to be an element of suffering before you can allow yourself to connect with joy? I love this quote from Alan Cohen:   “Activities are only valuable if […]