Get Into Action and Feel Happy!

Have you ever had that feeling when you know you have lots of stuff you want to do but you’re spending more time thinking about it than actually doing it? Putting off the things we want to to do can end up lowering our energy and happiness levels. If we […]

Happiness in the moment

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.” Cherokee Proverb Do you tend to look forward, focus on the present, or dwell on the past? Take some time, notice your own focus, and ask others for their opinion on where you tend to focus.   Which focus would be […]

Don’t leave it too late

A friend of mine killed himself last week. He never felt understood, he was holding on to traumas from his childhood and life got so painful he could see no other way out. It was his last attempt to get his power back. How many people are there out there […]

Some little challenges to have some fun with this weekend

  I am a big fan of a challenge. Challenges stretch you, sometimes take you out of your comfort zone, always break routine and can’t help but to uplift your mood once you’ve completed them. So who is up for a fun challenge this weekend? Below I have listen a […]

Drop Judgement

  How often do you catch yourself judging yourself, or others? Perhaps you are not even aware you are doing it sometimes. It’s habit of the mind, that can be so destructive. Over the bank holiday weekend I enjoyed a conscious festival, conscious meaning one that does not allow any […]

Be Loving To Yourself

  Have you ever stopped to notice the things you say to yourself through out the day? Experiment with observing your thoughts, the natural ones that appear out of no where. Maybe even make a note of them for a couple of days to then reflect on. Often we can […]

Speak Your Truth

  Is there anything within you unsaid right now? Anything you are feeling but not expressing to the other person involved? When we don’t express our selves this can lead to a lack of power. That feeling of not sharing what is bothering you, or maybe purely expressing a lovely […]

A meditation for happiness and compassion

Meditation is a wonderful way to calm the mind and bring it into a happy place. People often get put off by it thinking you have to sit there and not think any thoughts at all. This is virtually impossible though as the mind is always wanting to think something. […]

Happy Behaviours

  Consider a time when you felt really happy, maybe it’s now. How are/were you behaving in this happy state? What is your physical state like? What are you doing? Saying, to yourself and others? We all have things we do when we are happy. So a way to access […]

Just Be Yourself

  Do you often find yourself comparing yourself to others? Constantly searching for ways to better yourself? To improve upon what you already are? If this resonates with you then experiment with asking yourself this question every morning for the next 7 days: “What is it like to be me […]